While the structural quality of a dwelling is critical for the safety of the residents and long life of the property, finishing is equally important for one’s comfort and enjoyment. That is why some customers make their own individual choices on the materials and designs used in the final finishing of the property when they book it with us.

The list below provides what is usually included in a house booked by a customer, although the customer can make changes to these and our staff will ensure that their requirements are met. Any difference in the costs is adjusted in the final price of the house.


  • The floor of the property, with the exception of store and servant quarter, is tiled.
  • Internal stairs and main steps to the house are marbled, usually with china Verona.
  • The store and servant quarter floor is finished with gray cement with normal chips (no. 7, 8 mixed).
  • All floors are provided with 4″ to 6″ thick sand cushion to avoid water capillary action.
  • Exterior floor of the house including car porch is finished with marble.
  • Chips floors are polished using regular polish, while chemical floor polish is applied to the marble floors.


  • Bathrooms fittings of Sonex Company or equivalent of standard quality will be provided. All bathroom’s fixtures and pots Pak made as of ICL, ifo, Boch shape, 3 Stars or equivalent will be fixed.
  • Best quality tiles imported or local in bathrooms up to 10Ft. height. Floor will also be tiled. Tiles are of size 8″ x 10″or as available .Rate not to exceed Rs. 750/ square meter.
  • All bathrooms will have exhaust fan duct with exhaust fan on/off electric points only.


    • Counters in kitchen, vanities in bath, internal stairs other than servant quarter stair and main steps to the house will all be provided with slab marble china Verona cost not to increase Rs250/sqft.

    Standard quality sink double bowl with Double tray in kitchen of standard size.

  • Kitchen counter top will have Slab marble finishing rate not exceeding Rs. 250/Sqft.
  • Kitchen cabinets above kitchen counter will be provided. The quality will be in Partal wooden boxes and Front shutters will be made of deodar wood. Woodwork in boxes upper or lower will be polished.
  • Kitchen cabinets will be provided under RCC shelves/counters also. Shutters only will be in deodar wood while boxes will be in brick tiles and then tiled with left over ceramic tiles as available in store.

Electric work

  • Concealed Electric wiring in PVC conduit suitable size but not less than 3/0.29 cable. Electric point will be provided as per drawing of the company/1st party as estimated. However additional points are accepted with extra cost.
  • All beds, TV lounge and drawing/dining room will have wiring 7/0.44 for one air conditioner in each.
  • Switches of SwitchKid Company or equivalent including a distribution box.
  • Points arrangement for gate light and door bell only.
  • TV and telephone points in each bed conduit only.
  • Proper wiring for air conditioner/ Heater and other appliances.
  • Electric points will be as under.
  • 1 Two lights points, two 2-pin sockets 5 amps, one 20 amps socket for AC, and one fan point will be provided with on off switches per room.
  • 2 Passages in the house will have only one light point. All light points will be wired with 3/29 wire.
  • 3 One light point on the sides and back alleys will be provided with 3/29 wire.
  • 4 In Kitchen, One 15 amps point for refrigerator 7/29 wire and 2 points each 5 amps with 7/29 wire for oven and filter with 3/29 wire.


  • Interior of the house will be painted with plastic emulsion paint of quality “Master” or equivalent quality. The client/2nd party will choose maximum 2 colors for the house to economies the cost.
  • Exterior only front area will be Rock Walled. Exterior front for the purpose of Rock Wall will be considered the front/face of the house on shorter side of plot facing road. Rest of the exterior will not be given any treatment.

Steel work

  • Only one main gate sliding (one wicket gate for 9 marlas and above houses in addition to main gate) will be provided.
  • Steel stair for servant quarter if required as per drawing is included in the agreement.

Wood work

  • 6ft x 2ft x 10ft. size cupboard with one drawer in each cupboard will be provided in every bed room only. Depth of cupboard is not to increase 2 ft. Shutters and boxes of cupboard will be in MDF lamination. Wood work in the cupboard will be polished.
  • All doors will be in solid deodar wood and will be polished. All bed rooms door size is 3 ft x 7 ft, bath door size is 2.5 ft x 7 ft and terrace door size is 3ft x 7 ft and all doors will be polished with wood sealer for natural deodar color.
  • Main door will be in solid deodar wood, size should not increase 4 ft x 7 ft and will be polished with wood sealer for natural deodar color.
  • Doors of servant quarter bed and bath will be made of ply and will be of standard size.
  • Wrought iron banisters and stain less steel pipe railing on banisters will be provided for Stair.