Book or Buy?

Should you book or buy a property? There are benefits and disadvantages of either approach, and the real answer depends on the customer’s requirements.

Booking a property allows a customer to customize the interior design, by altering the floor plan, choosing tiles, fixtures of own choice, as well as placing them according to their needs. For the quality conscious, this also provides an opportunity for them to observe the standards as the construction proceeds. They get a chance to see how foundation is laid, walls are built and plastered, and especially how concrete is poured in the roof. These intangible aspects make the experience rewarding at times.

Of course, this also means that at times, buyers may envisage more than what might be possible resulting in frustration for them and Real Builders. One remedy for such a challenge is to look at an existing property to get an idea of what might be possible.

Another advantage to booking a house is being able to pay a small portion of the price, such as 30%, at the booking time and making the remaining payments in 12-18 months time depending on how the contract was agreed.

The two most common reasons for purchasing a house are the ability to move in quickly, and being able to look at the property that one is going to occupy. There are not many surprises except that one is unsure of the quality of the materials used in construction and whether the required standards were met. Since Real Builders constructs all properties using the same methods, there will not be any difference in the quality of a house that has already been constructed. A prospective customer can talk with residents and view existing properties to satisfy themselves.